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i hate pink, i hate clubbing, i hate people who bitch about everything, i hate dealing with the police, i hate bus-butt's smoke, i hate noises, i hate the crowd, i hate to wait, i hate brag-asses, i hate to think, i hate britney "the bitch" spears, i hate the heat, i hate numbers, i hate soap fcukin' opera, i hate to do chores, i hate my boss, i hate being sick (unless it helps me to skip work), i hate math, i hate brad pitt, i hate techno, i hate pineapple, i hate to pry, i hate to let evil people live, i hate people who wasting my time, i suck at everything, i ruin everything i touch. still got loads to hate, but i forgot!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Phobias

what I got in me,
they're pretty scary

I just got diagnosed with 4 phobias, Ladies and Gentlemen! And those all shits are about being around people. I told you I have something about them that makes me very uncomfortable every time I go near them.

...and here are the diagnosis:

1. Anthropophobia: Fear of people and society. I knew it, as soon as I found out about it. God, people are sucks-ass, the way they talk, the way the act, the way the judge people and talk about people. No wonder I always constantly hating them unconsciously.

2. Athazagoraphobia: Fear of being forgotten or ignored. That's why I sometimes always feel really upset when someone doesn't answer even a slightly unimportant question I gave them. 

3. Glossophobia: Fear of speaking in public. That's unquestionable, I hate presentation!

4. Xenophobia: Fear of stranger. NO WONDER! I find it really hard and difficult to get to know new people and I even sometimes hate them!!!

well, those are the diagnosis, so don't hate me for being me, because I'm not the simplest human being on earth. :) 

That's all, I'm out!