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i hate pink, i hate clubbing, i hate people who bitch about everything, i hate dealing with the police, i hate bus-butt's smoke, i hate noises, i hate the crowd, i hate to wait, i hate brag-asses, i hate to think, i hate britney "the bitch" spears, i hate the heat, i hate numbers, i hate soap fcukin' opera, i hate to do chores, i hate my boss, i hate being sick (unless it helps me to skip work), i hate math, i hate brad pitt, i hate techno, i hate pineapple, i hate to pry, i hate to let evil people live, i hate people who wasting my time, i suck at everything, i ruin everything i touch. still got loads to hate, but i forgot!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Phobias

what I got in me,
they're pretty scary

I just got diagnosed with 4 phobias, Ladies and Gentlemen! And those all shits are about being around people. I told you I have something about them that makes me very uncomfortable every time I go near them.

...and here are the diagnosis:

1. Anthropophobia: Fear of people and society. I knew it, as soon as I found out about it. God, people are sucks-ass, the way they talk, the way the act, the way the judge people and talk about people. No wonder I always constantly hating them unconsciously.

2. Athazagoraphobia: Fear of being forgotten or ignored. That's why I sometimes always feel really upset when someone doesn't answer even a slightly unimportant question I gave them. 

3. Glossophobia: Fear of speaking in public. That's unquestionable, I hate presentation!

4. Xenophobia: Fear of stranger. NO WONDER! I find it really hard and difficult to get to know new people and I even sometimes hate them!!!

well, those are the diagnosis, so don't hate me for being me, because I'm not the simplest human being on earth. :) 

That's all, I'm out!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Kill the FREAKIN' bird!

yea yea yea... obviously there are loads of good bands from Indonesia. Famous or infamous. I need a lot of efforts just to gain intentions to listen to them. Not that I don' t appreciate them, but more like stereotyping their music this whole time.Well, let's face it... be honest, who isn't? All those bunch of sell-outs start to sound like crap each day. They are crap, VICTIM OF THE INDUSTRY. For all the i-think-you-guys-are-good bands out there, when you feel like your music is speak for something, just spit it out. Don't hesitate! Don't change! Have faith! Because in the end, it's the music that matters! -alright that's it, I'm out!